It all started when…

It's so great you made it to our about section! Since you're here, I'd really love a few minutes of your time to tell you more about Harper Homemade & myself. 

First off, I really think you should know my name. It's Raevyn, like the bird!

A lot of you who I call my instragram & facebook friends usually call me Harper, which is fine, i'll never correct you, but it's always nice to know your friends real name. Right?!

Anyways, Harper Homemade is my baby. She was started in Los Angeles, California, in 2016 after I decided to make a DIY bath bomb for my mother. It turned out great & my husband suggested I start a business with it. (that's how great it looked. He thought it was from some big company.) 

It took me from September 2016 to February 2017 to get my business together. Shortly after opening, my skull bath bomb Poser went viral & that's how many of you found me. 

I was so excited to be creating things, & never thought i'd be in this position today. Working on new goodies for you guys is everything I could ask for. I love you babes feedback, it literally warms my heart. 

Every product that is created on this site is made with love. From the ingredients, down to who I buy from. I really wanted this to be a fun source for bath product lovers like myself.